Psychlone Competition

Psychlone is an auto sound competition format designed to capture the original excitement of a great sounding aftermarket car stereo installation. This format is also designed to cater to the vast majority of auto sound enthusiasts who design and build their systems to sound great at moderate to high listening levels. Each contestant’s sound system is scored based on how loud it will play (SPL), the frequency response of the system (RTA), and Installation Quality. These elements form the basis for a Psychlone event.

The dB Drag Racing Association (dBDRA) has gone to great lengths to insure that the rules for competing in Psychlone are as comprehensive and unambiguous as possible. Even so, there will invariably be times when a particular application or installation will fall outside the scope of this rulebook. When those occasions arise, it is the responsibility of the head judge to make a determination as to whether the incident in question abides by the “spirit” of Psychlone competition. As a competitor, it is your responsibility to understand the rules contained in this book and to abide by any decisions rendered by the head judge.

Psychlone Creed

  • I will never operate my system in a manner that will disturb those around me.
  • I will never operate my system in a manner that could result in injury.
  • I will never operate my system in violation of the law.
  • I will do my best to represent the sport of Psychlone in a positive fashion.
  • I will conduct myself in a professional manner while participating at events.
  • I will do my best to support those companies and retailers who support our sport.
  • I will always abide by the Psychlone rules when competing and will do my best to insure that others abide by the rules as well.
Safety Guidelines

The safety of the competitors, judges, and bystanders at a Psychlone event are of paramount importance. As the operator of the competition vehicle and its sound system, the competitor has a tremendous responsibility both to himself and to those around him with regards to safety. Competitors should clearly understand the following issues prior to participating in a Psychlone event.

  • Operation of a motor vehicle is inherently dangerous. You MUST insure that the operation of your vehicle will not endanger yourself or those around you. Please adhere to all local laws and verify that your pathway is clear before moving your vehicle. Although officiating staff members may sometimes offer assistance in moving and/or directing traffic, the responsibility for the operation of the competition vehicle ultimately lies with the competitor.
  • Auto sound systems are capable of producing high sound pressure levels. Exposure to high sound pressure levels may cause hearing damage. NEVER operate your sound system in such a manner as to expose yourself or others to high sound pressure levels. In addition, listening to your sound system at high volumes while driving may prevent you from hearing emergency vehicles, vehicle or train horns, etc. Always operate your sound system in accordance with local laws and never operate your sound system in a manner that could interfere with the safe operation of your vehicle. This includes making adjustments to your sound system while you are driving.
  • Custom auto sound installations may affect the safety and/or integrity of your vehicle. Although some competitors may elect to have their sound system installed by others, it is ultimately the competitor’s responsibility to validate that his or her installation is safe. Particular care should be taken with regards to electrical wiring. All power wires should be fused directly at the battery to minimize the risk of a fire hazard. Sound components such as speakers, amplifiers, enclosures, etc. should be fastened to the vehicle in such as way as to prevent them from causing injury or damage in the event of an accident. Vehicles that have been structurally modified to accommodate the sound system or vehicles that exceed the maximum gross weight limits as detailed in the vehicle’s operating manual should never be driven on public streets or highways.

The dB Drag Racing Association and its affiliates are not qualified to determine the safety and/or legality of a given competition vehicle. This responsibility lies with the competitor. As such, the dB Drag Racing Association and its affiliates cannot be responsible for any accidents, damages, or injuries that occur at a Psychlone event. By participating in a Psychlone event, the competitor agrees to take full responsibility for his or her actions and any accidents, damages, or injuries that may occur. The dBDRA strongly encourages competitors to operate their vehicles and sound systems in a manner that is consistent with local laws. Flagrant disregard for safety will result in disqualification and subsequent ejection from the event.