1-1 Competitors may use the program material of their choice while competing.


Additional Guidelines:

The program material being played must originate from a source unit that is specifically designed for installation and operation in a 12-Volt auto sound environment. This includes cassette decks, CD players and changers, DVD players and changers, VCR’s and VCP’s, MP3 units, AM / FM / Satellite radio tuners, and any other playback device that is specifically designed for installation and operation in a 12-Volt auto sound environment.

The program material must consist of music. No “test tones” are permitted. Test tones “camouflaged” as music or “songs” that are advertised as music but are, in fact, test tones will not be permitted in competition.

The program media may be from a commercial source (such as a CD you purchase) or a custom, homemade recording.

1-2 Adjustments to the sound system may be made while the vehicle is being metered as long as no other applicable rules are violated during the adjustment process. (Metering is the process where the Sound Pressure Level or SPL of your vehicle is measured.)

1-3 The contestant’s vehicle may be running while in the judging lanes as long as the following conditions apply:

Operation of the vehicle or sound system must not endanger the judge, competitor, spectators, or any real or personal property on the premises.

The vehicle’s parking brake must be set.

The wheels must be chocked.

The hood must be closed.

The maximum engine idle speed must not exceed 2000 RPM.

A remote “engine kill switch” must be easily accessible from outside of the vehicle for those competitors that are bolting (clamping, strapping, etc.) the doors of the vehicle closed while in the judging lanes.

It is the competitor’s responsibility to comply with the conditions listed above. Competitors found to be in violation of one or more of these conditions may be eliminated from the competition.

1-4 Competitors may choose to remain either inside or outside of the vehicle during competition provided no other applicable rules are violated.

1-5 Doors, windows, or other openings in the vehicle can be open or closed at the competitor’s discretion provided no other applicable rules are violated.



Local laws, ordinances, show policies, or safety issues may prohibit excessive noise. If this is the case, then all doors, windows, and other openings to the vehicle must remain closed when competing.