Top Dog Rules (General)

1-1 Competitors may use the program material of their choice while competing.   Additional Guidelines: The program material being played must originate from a source unit that is specifically designed for installation and operation in a 12-Volt auto sound environment. This includes cassette decks, CD players and changers, DVD players and changers, VCR’s […]

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Top Dog Rules (Specific)

2-1 Registration   All Top Dog participants must pre-register prior to the start of competition. Each contestant will be entitled to two runs with their registration. These two runs comprise one “round” of competition. Most events will only offer one round of competition but some may offer two, three, or even more.   Once […]

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World Finals Competitors

// dBDRA World Finals Participants All Venues Street Stock A # Country Competitor Venue Stall Points Certified SPL Street Stock B # Country Competitor Venue Stall Points Certified […]

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2010 Memberships

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New Rules 2010

There is a lot of changes in this year rulebook. dB Drag has gone miles in order to make sure that we open our doors wide open to new real entrly level competitors that willing to live the dB Drag Racing Arena dream. While on the other side we try our current core of competitors […]

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World Finals 2008

Hellenic dB Drag Racing want to congratulates the following competitors, that with their ability, insist and performance manage to achieve the out most by receiving and accepting their World Finals 2008 Invitation Team Ixokalipsi – BOOM150-159.9 Italy  Team Rokakis – Kalamiotis 140-149.9Italy Team Xtreme – Seferlis 130-139.9Italy 

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