3-1 Registration


All Top Dog participants must register BEFORE the competition begins.


First Run Staging


For the first run, competitors will line up in their assigned order.



Every run is conducted in a “Head-To-Head” format.

Standard sensor placement will be used.

Competitors must play music.

Competitors can be either inside or outside of their vehicle during competition.

The doors and windows may be opened or closed at the competitor’s discretion (venue permitting).

The winner of each run will remain in his or her lane.

Challengers will attempt to displace the current Top Dog and assume his or her position as the new Top Dog.

Term-LAB will automatically keep score.

Second Run Staging


For the second run, competitors will line up in their REVERSE assigned order.




After all contestants have executed both of their runs, the contest is concluded. The winners will sorted based on their points accumulation throughout the event.

3-2 The following violations will result in an SPL reading of “0.0”…

Red Light – Playing your sound system BEFORE the 30 second clock begins.

Over Shot – Exceeding your target score.

Test Tones – Using test tones or sine sweeps for program material.