Top Dog Judging

3-1 Registration   All Top Dog participants must register BEFORE the competition begins.   First Run Staging   For the first run, competitors will line up in their assigned order.   Competition Every run is conducted in a “Head-To-Head” format. Standard sensor placement will be used. Competitors must play music. Competitors can be either […]

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Top Dog Rules

  Top Dog Competition   Top Dog is an evolutionary auto sound competition format that incorporates all of the best elements of existing dBDRA formats with many new and innovative concepts that are unique to Top Dog.   The primary goals for developing this new format include: Fun – Exciting new competitive elements that promise […]

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2009 Psychlone Rules

Introduction Psychlone CompetitionPsychlone is a new format of competition designed to capture the original excitement of a great sounding aftermarket car stereo installation. This format is also designed to cater to the vast majority of auto sound enthusiasts who design and build their systems to sound […]

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Psychlone Rules

2009 Psychlone Rules & Regulations Save TABLE OF CONTENTS Section 0 – Introduction Section 1 – General Rules […]

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